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Welcome to our website
Welcome to our online home. This website has been created to provide you, our welcomed visitor, with the information you need to successfully start and operate a business.
We know how difficult the process of starting and operating a business can be. As a result, our Company is focused on meeting the total needs of the start-up entrepreneur. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a desire to start a business and lack the know-how, the money, or the technical support one needs to carry out his or her passion. Therefore, through this website, we will help you acquire all three of these key resources using our tips, advice, and in-depth interviews, as well as, our entrepreneurial training services and products.
We will continuously strive to better serve you. This website is a step in that direction.
Please email us your comments or ideas regarding this website.

Dominic Colbert, Chief Steward Officer

Lesson of the week: Developing your business idea

The most important aspect of starting and operating a business is being able to clearly articulate your business idea verbally as well as in writing. If you cannot communicate your idea, then you cannot develop the idea into a moneymaking product or service.
Therefore, I have listed a few steps to help you cultivate that idea of yours.

Step 1: Ask yourself "What are your talents and skills?”

Step 2: Determine which talents and skills are you passionate about.

Step 3: Write down the needs or problems your talents or skills can meet or solve.

Step 4: Pick the top two ideas and decide which one to start working on first.

After following these steps you should be well on your way to developing the next billion dollar idea!
If you would like to learn more about developing your business idea, register for the Entrepreneurship 101 in-person or online training course.

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EE-Tech’s Free Advice Column
Log on every Tuesday from 12-12:30pm starting September 30, 2003 and get your business start-up question answered by our Chairman and Chief Steward Officer, Mr. Dominic Colbert, and his team of Entrepreneurship experts!

Entrepreneurial Statistics
The following percentages are small businesses that fail within two, four and six years:
1. 23.7% within 2 years
2. 51.7% within 4 years
3. 62.7% within 6 years
Source: Small Business Administration

EE-Tech’s top reasons for business failure
1. Dependence on debt
2. Inadequate financial planning
3. Improper cash management
4. An emphasis on sales volume rather than return on investment (profit & cash flow)
5. Miscalculation of the risk/return tradeoff
6. Underdeveloped bank relations
7. Excessively liberal credit policies
8. Poor billing systems